Discover My New #1 Proven Method – Guaranteed To Help In Remembering Peoples Names!

I (like you) have various roles and responsibilities within our society… and am presently in a privileged position of interfacing with thousands of different people, from all over the world, on an ongoing annual basis 🙂

With all of these encounters… there is a good chance that I will eventually run into some of these same people again, at a future place and time… Dang it! What is his name again??

As I had continued to struggle with remembering peoples names… I discovered a new way of remembering… not only with proven results… but with a nice added BONUS in the process.

I try to “say an immediate prayer” for the new person I just met … with their name included of course 🙂… quietly, in my mind 😉

Example: “I pray that Billy (grocery store toddler knocking products off of the shelves)… finds inner peace and self-control”… just saying 🙂

If prayer is not your thing, no big deal… same method, just wish them well instead… give it a shot, why not?

As I had begun to add this strategy to my remembering names method… wonderful relationships soon began to blossom… a huge unexpected BONUS!

Consciously making an effort of remembering names this way… can also add much more depth and meaning to the initial intro


Best part is… it becomes a kind of fun new game… that only YOU know about… Name + Prayer (inside voice 😉) = Great Relationships

Oh yeah! Forgot to mention… you also end up sending out massive amounts of good vibes into the universe… for everyone you meet

Hope this method is helpful to you

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